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The news has lately been full of deals that will bring more American movies to China, one of the fastest-growing entertainment markets. But a new collaboration between Icarus Films and dGenerate Films promises to make more independent Chinese films available to American audiences.

Icarus has acquired distribution rights to dGenerate’s catalog of work from Chinese independent filmmakers, 21st-century rebels that are utilizing inexpensive digital technology to make films on the sly outside the government's state-sanctioned grip. Many steered clear of the official Beijing Film Academy and have been taking advantage of a loosening culture that allows them to address taboo topics and find audiences even within the mainland.

DGenerate has been operating in North America since 2008, but it hopes that the partnership with Icarus will lead to wider audiences for five or more new releases a year, including both fiction and documentary work.

“[We’ve been] seeking the right partner to expand the reach and scope of the dGenerate Films collection, and allow us to continue our co-production and consulting activity,” said dGenerate president and founder Karin Chien. “Working with Icarus Films, with their resources and deep distribution, marketing, and sales experience, together we’ll be able to achieve that goal.”

Films in the dGenerate collection include Ying Liang’s “The Other Half,” Gan Xiao Er’s “Raised From Dust,” Cui Zi’en’s “Enter the Clowns” and Li Yifan and Yan Yu’s “Before the Flood.”