Woops! DVDs of Halestorm Entertainment's "Sons of Provo," a comedy about a Morman boy band, were mistakenly packaged with copies of the Italian melodrama, "Adored: Diary of a Porn Star" from Wolfe Video. Halestorm and Wolfe share the same replicator, which was responsible for the error. A Utah shop pulled copies of the Latter Day Saints comedy from its shelves, according to the locall Deseret News, which reported on the mixup.

In a statement today, Wolfe's Kathy Wolfe reiterated that the mixup was beyond her control and quipped, "But, if any of the adults in the audience enjoyed what they saw, we encourage them to check out the entire DVD of 'Adored' and some of the many fine films available from Wolfe." [Eugene Hernandez]