King Kong Crop

"The Avengers" isn't the only major team-up taking place this week. Austin-based Alamo Drafthouse's poster-art boutique Mondo has joined forces with Martin Scorsese's film preservation organization The Film Foundation to create new 35mm prints of eight essential films with brand-new posters to go along with them.

The plan calls for new 35mm prints of "King Kong," "The Night of the Hunter," "The Old Dark House," "Paths of Glory," "Rashomon," "The Unholy Three," "Film" and "Shadow of a Doubt." Tickets have already gone on sale.

Scorsese's Film Foundation has arguably played a more essential role in the preservation of film history than any other institution (its mandate to keep an awareness of the medium's fragility and wonder alive extended into the plot of last year's Scorsese-directed "Hugo"). However, the other participants in this collaboration have also been instrumental in the continuing vitality of film culture.

The Drafthouse, which most recently announced plans to bring its famous in-theater dining experience to New York with a theater set to open later this year, has been a major player in the national conversation to preserve the sacred quality of the moviegoing experience. Mondo applies a similar logic to movie posters, creating limited runs for modern blockbusters, classic films and cult hits alike.

The three new Mondo posters previewed in the following pages demonstrate an attentiveness to artwork that takes the focus off simply telling you the content of the movies -- the movies take care of that – and instead emphasize the distinctive environments, themes and emotions that make them into timeless cultural objects. By capturing the movies' essence, the posters transcend their marketing value to become eloquent artworks in their own right.