The Rover

Ever thought that the dystopia depicted in a film just wasn't realistic? Just didn't make any sense? Was simply exploitative sensationalist jibber jabber with no connection to anything? Have no fear. A24 has to come to rescue to describe and explain in excruciating detail why the projected world in David Michod's upcoming film, "The Rover," is spot on. 

Relaunching the film's official website today, A24 and Column Five Media have collaborated to create a pretty cool online interactive experience: The site offers in-depth analysis of all the events that will lead from the present to a world where Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce run around the Australian dessert tracking gangs and no-gooders. Covering almost every single pressing issue in world politics, from inequality to global warming to AIDS to cryptocurrencies to oil spills, the "Timeline of the Collapse" is pretty exhausting but certainly makes one think. 

There's also a "Remapping of the Future," that outlines the global economic and demographic landscape ten years after a great Western economic collapse. The USA's not looking too flash (GDP per capita dropping from $51,749 to $12,231) but neither is anywhere else, so you probably don’t have rush off anywhere too quick. Just take a breath and keep on reading.

Michod's film comes out in theaters in New York and Los Angeles on the 13th, and nationwide on the 20th
. It premiered earlier this year at Cannes to relatively mixed reviews. Eric Kohn wrote: "It culminates in an abrupt exchange of gunfire, but the meager payoff after such a blandly prolonged buildup can't compete."