The New Hampshire Film Expo finished up on October 16 after kicking off on October 14. In its fifth year, the festival screened more than 50 films. The winner for Best Documentary was Ron Wyman's "Tunde," about a West African kora/harp player. Ken Tipton's "Heart of the Beholder," about the demise of a family's video rental business, won for Best Feature. Diego Velasco's "Day Shift," a film about what happenes when the hierarchy of whites and Latinos shift, won for Best Short Comedy. Michael Gillies and Lars Trodson's "The Listeners," about two unhappy people who fail to listen to each other, won for Best Short Drama. Out of Our Mind Studios' Joyride, about a man who gets everything he wants, won for Best Animation. Rock Shaink, Jr. and Tim Anderson's "The Winter's Edge," about an FBI analyst on the hunt for a serial killer he's encountered before, won for Best Screenplay. [Aileen Torres]