Ng's "4 Faces Of Eve" Gets North American Distributor

by Mary Sampson

Sandra Ng's "4 Faces of Eve" has been picked up for distribution in North
America by Margin Films. The release is planned for late fall. Ng, a
Hong Kong actress, produced and stars in the project which is being
billed as an experimental feminist comedy anthology. Ng was nominated
for best actress in the role for both the Hong Kong film awards and the
Taiwan Golden Horse Film Awards.

Ng is a comedic actress who has appeared in more the 70 Hong Kong films.
She is best known as the sidekick to Stephen Chow, often called the Hong
Kong equivalent to Jim Carey.

"I saved up a year of my acting ability to finance this film," says Ng.
"Almost everyone above-the-line in the production worked for nothing as
a favor to me, which is rare in Hong Kong."

Margin Films is a new domestic distribution company in Los Angeles. More
information about "4 Faces of Eve" and about Margin Films can be found @