As last weekend's box-office take for the heavily promoted "Grindhouse" tumbled in at just $11.6 million, a chilly realization came with the numbers: Not all is well with the Weinstein Company. Indeed, the namesake entertainment boutique founded by Bob and Harvey Weinstein as they acrimoniously left Miramax and the Walt Disney Company two years ago has seen its highly visible movie operation suffer humiliations that might have sunk a less tenacious start-up. Marquee filmmakers like Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino, with "Grindhouse," and Anthony Minghella, with "Breaking and Entering," have tanked. Michael Moore has yet to unveil "Fahrenheit 9/11.5" and "Sicko," a pair of films that were supposed to yield tens of millions of dollars in profit by now. Michael Cielpy reports.
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