NYFF 2000 INTERVIEW: Bergman's Muse? Liv Ullman on "Faithless," Ingmar and Motherhood

by Stan Schwartz

(indieWIRE/ 10.2..00) -- One of the highlights of this year's New York Film Festival is Liv Ullmann's "Faithless" (screening tonight), with a script written by Ingmar Bergman. A dark and uncompromising film of extraordinary intensity -- not surprising, given its author -- "Faithless" is primarily the story of an infidelity. Marianne, a successful actress (Bergman regular Lena Endre, in an extraordinary, shattering performance) jeopardizes a happy marriage to a world-renown conductor (Thomas Hanzon) by commencing an affair with David, a theater director (Krister Henriksson), who also happens to be a friend of the family. Suffice it to say the consequences are tragic.

But "Faithless" is much more than just the story of an affair, as evidenced by the very particular device Bergman uses to frame his film. The story of the affair is recounted in the form of memories summoned up many years later by an aging writer/director named Bergman (Erland Josephson) as he sits in his work room by the sea on the secluded island of F