Slamdance Film Festival

Park City's slightly kookier festival Slamdance celebrated with their annual sled-off, a horror happy hour, and a visit from Stan Lee.  Check out the pics below!

On the Scene at Slamdance

  • Maya Adrabi
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    "Welcome to Pine Hill" Arrives at the Fest

    Keith Miller (left), director of Slamdance's big award winner "Welcome to Pine Hill" arrvies to the fest.
  • Maya Adrabi
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    Slamdance Sled-off Crash

    Slamdance's famous annual filmmaker sled-off.
  • Maya Adrabi
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    Sled-Off: The Film

    And of course, some filmmakers decided they needed to film the event.
  • Maya Adrabi
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    Comic Legend Stan Lee Stops By!

    Stan Lee caught laughing at a masterclass hosted by the festival was in town to promote the film about him, "With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story."
  • Maya Adrabi
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    Horror Happy Hour

    Things got a little spooky on the festival's third day...
  • Maya Adrabi
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    Hubbell Holds Court at Kodak Coffee

    Kodak's Anne Hubbell entertains filmmakers at the Slamdance Kodak Coffee.