Pixar's "Brave."
Pixar's "Brave."
Best Animated Film
Who Will Win: A very close call, with "Brave" (38%) topping "Wreck-It-Ralph" (37%) by just one vote. "Frankenweenie" has a respectable 19% of the vote as well.

Who Should Win: A much different srory, with "ParaNorman" taking a 34% lead over "Frankenweenie" (26%) and "Wreck-It-Ralph" (24%).

Best Foreign Language Film
Who Will Win and Who Should Win:  If there's one thing you be sure of, according to our pollsters, its "Amour" winning this. 96% said so, and another 80% said it should. While only 2% said "No" would win, a respectable 13% said it should.

'Searching for Sugar Man'
Sony Pictures Classics 'Searching for Sugar Man'
Best Documentary Feature
Who Will Win: 74% say "Searching For Sugar Man." "How To Survive a Plague" was pegged at the most possible upset with 12% of the vote.

Who Should Win: "How To Survive a Plague" won a very close poll with 34% of the vote. "Sugar Man" (26%), "The Invisible War" (17%), "The Gatekeepers" (14%) and "5 Broken Cameras" (10%) all got sizeable vote counts as well.

Best Cinematography
Who Will Win: "Life of Pi" wins here, with cinematographer Claudio Miranda winning 69% of our voters predictions. Roger Deakins had 15% for "Skyfall" and Janusz Kaminski had 11% for "Lincoln."

Who Should Win: Our poll suggests Roger Deakins should finally win an Oscar for "Skyfall," with 54% saying so. "Life of Pi" had 23% of the support, while "Lincoln," "Anna Karenina" and "Django Unchained" each had 7%-9%.

Best Original Score
Who Will Win and Who Should Win: In only one or two races where the woulds and the shoulds lined up, it was "Life of Pi" again, this time for composer Mychael Danna (46% for would, 31% for should). Alexandre Desplat ("Argo," 24% for would, 27% for should), John Williams ("Lincoln," 19% for would, 13% for should), Thomas Newman ("Skyfall," 8% for would, 24% should) also did well on both fronts.