Overture Films has appointed three new members to their executive team: Sean Furst to be Executive VP of Productions and Acquisitions and based in Los Angeles; Robert Kessel as Executive VP of Productions and Acquisitions and based in New York and finally, Bryan Furst who was appointed as Senior VP of Productions and Acquisitions in Los Angeles. Charged with building Overture's slate of films across a broad spectrum of genres, hiring the Fursts and Kessel was a step in line with Overture's objective to be a company dedicated to the empowerment of filmmakers who produce films outside of the traditional big studio system. Previously, the Fursts were co-owners of the production company, Furst Films, and Robert Kessel comes from Hart-Sharp Entertainment where he was a partner and head of production for the independent film company. "These key hires will form the foundation of our creative team and strategy for Overture," CEO Chris McGurk said in a prepared statement, "We very specifically looked for individuals with significant experience and quality track records in the independent film community and who also have extensive production experience. We were not looking to hire executives schooled in the traditional big studio system of making movies. [Porter Teegarden]