PARK CITY 2000 BUZZ: Same Sex Scramble, INDIEMON: The First Movie?, Quotables, Park City Conniseur, Opening Night or What About Bob?

by Eugene Hernandez and Anne Hubbell/indieWIRE

SAME SEX SCRAMBLE!...don't say we never gave you nuthin...indieWIRE is pleased to co-sponsor tomorrow's 4th Annual Brunch for Lesbian & Gay Festival Guests (and Friends) at the Sundance Film Festival -- the event is presented by Planet Out's PopcornQ. Drop by The Grubsteak Restaurant at 2200 Sidewinder St. (across from Prospector Square) between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. tomorrow (Sunday) for good food and great company! PlanetOut's Jenni Olsen will be hosting the soiree and telling us all about big new things in the works! More on that tomorrow...

INDIEMON: THE FIRST MOVIE?...Slamdance 2000 kicks off tonight at 6:30 with a screening of Bret Stern's new satire, "Road To Park City," (R2PC). Keep your eyes peeled for R2PC's awesome promo items, guaranteed to spark a Park City craze: "Indiemon Cards". Who needs Mew vs. Mew II when you can have Weinstein vs. Pierson? All the usual suspects of the Indie Film World have a card. Try to get your hands on a complete set. Cards will be distributed at the film screening tonight and Wednesday, January 26 at 9:30am.