PARK CITY 2000: Six Flix Added to Slamdance Special Pix List; "Park City" to Open Festival

Eugene Hernandez


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(indieWIRE/12.20.99) -- Bret Stern's "Road to Park City," described as the
story of "a young filmmaker pins all his hopes on getting into Sundance,"
will open the 2000 Slamdance Film Festival, organizers announced yesterday.
In addition, the Festival has announced five other films that will screen at
the event as part of their special screenings. Finally, the Festival has
also unveiled a lineup of 30 features and shorts that will screen for free
via digital projection in the event's lounge.

The other five special screenings are Todd Robinson's "Amargosa," Jason
's "Barenaked in America," Yoshifumi Hosoya's "Home Sweet Hoboken,"
Charlie Call's "Peep Show," and Robert J. Siegel's "Swimming."

"Slamdance is no johnnie-come-lately to digital projection. We've always had
some screenings on video in addition to traditional film projection,"
explained Slamdance Executive Director Peter Baxter, commenting on the free
digital showings. "This has allowed greater flexibility for the low-budget
filmmaker who may not be able to afford video-to-film transfers, as well as
accommodating those who edit their films on non-linear digital systems and
can't afford an answer print or a Super16 blowup." [Eugene Hernandez]

The complete list of special screenings and free lounge showings are
available now at