PARK CITY 2000: Slamdance Selects 12 Features and 16 Shorts from 2,050 Entries

Eugene Hernandez


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(indieWIRE/12.15.99) -- More than 2,000 films were submitted for the 2000
Slamdance Film Festival in Park City, UT (January 22 - 29, 2000), a jump of
more than 300 films over last year. Organizers of the 6th annual festival
have announced a competition lineup that offers a dozen feature films and 16
shorts. The collection is notable for its international scope, according to

"Trend-wise this is the highest percentage of international stuff that we
have ever shown," Slamdance Co-Founder-at-Large Dan Mirvish told indieWIRE
late yesterday. A third of the competition are from outside the United
States. Mirvish noted an increase in work from Latin America as an
important development.

In a prepared statement, Festival Executive Director Peter Baxter indicated,
"This has proved that our On-the-Road events in Cannes, Germany, Chile and
other places have not only garnered more exposure for our American Slamdance
films, but also brought more international filmmakers into our fold."

Despite the leap in submissions, Mirvish and Baxter indicated that only 29%
of the submissions were shot on DV or video -- a mere 3% increase over last
year. Echoing comments by Sundance Film Festival Co-Director Geoff Gilmore about Sundance DV submissions,
Mirvish said, "I think the wave is coming, but it hasnt gotten here yet."
In the Slamdance lineup announcement, Baxter offered, "Either the DV wave
hasn't hit yet, or the demise of film has been greatly exaggerated."

Mirvish credited indieWIRE as being a factor in the increase in overall
submissions for the 2000 festival and the amount of independent entries from
other countries. "You guys have to take some of the credit," he explained,
"All of a sudden people are reading indieWIRE in the same way that five or
six years ago people were reading FILMMAKER Magazine, and being inspired by
that and learing from that." [Eugene Hernandez]