Park City 98: indieBUZZ ++ 1.19.98


"Screening it here you have the benefit of a frenzy, which is sort of good and
bad," says Brad Anderson, director of the recently acquired "Next Stop Wonderland".
"For the filmmaker it is fuckin' stressful as all hell." In a discussion with iW,
Brad Anderson characterized the deal discussions between Miramax's Harvey Weinstein
and "Wonderland's" rep John Sloss as the typical hardball stuff that comes with
the Sundance Film Festival. Although he is relieved, he has some concerns. "I
can't complain," he said, "but as an independent filmmaker certainly I think the
stakes have been raised. It puts more pressure on you and you feel like you
have to deliver, with this film and the next one."

* * * * *

indieWIRE has learned that October Films has snapped up Lisa Cholodenko's pic,
"High Art". The film stars Ally Sheedy, Radha Mitchell, Patricia Clarkson, Bill
Sage, Tammy Grimes and Gabriel Mann, and involves how a young post-collegiate
woman deals with the changes in her life when she begins a sexual relationship
with another woman.

* * * * *

Variety reports today (Monday) that Miramax has picked up Saul Rubinek's "Jerry
and Tom
", a CFP (now Lion's Gate Films) production. The film stars Joe Mantegna,
Sam Rockwell, Maury Chaykin, Ted Danson, Charles Durning and William H. Macy,
and is Rubinek's first feature as a director.

* * * * *

indieWIRE attended the World Premiere of "The Misadventures of Margaret", and it
was packed to the gills, with many more clamoring outside. Spotted in the crowd
were Miramax acquisitions execs Amy Israel and Elizabeth Dryer, Montana Artists'
owner Carl Bressler, "Wicked" helmer Michael Steinberg, "Puddle Cruiser"
(Sundance American Spectrum 1997) director Jay Chandrasekhar, Good Machine's
Anthony Bregman, assorted journalists, and of course, some cast and crew members.
Present were leads Parker Posey and Jeremy Northam; Patrick Bruel; Craig Chester
(whose Richard stole the film); first time writer/director Brian Skeet, Cathleen
Schine (author of the source book, "Rameau's Niece"); producer Ian Benson, and
Director of Photography Romain Winding. Following the screening, Skeet, et al
made their way up on stage to answer questions from the assembled throng. We
didn't ask any questions, preferring to allow the general public get their shots
in (besides, we take a while to get our thoughts in order after seeing pics,

Skeet professed a love of the '30's and 40's screwball (yet sophisticated)
comedies, a taste which Buzz confesses to sharing. Those he named were "Mr. and
Mrs. Smith
", "Theodora Goes Wild" and "The Awful Truth" (Buzz feels we must add
the "Thin Man" series of films).

After the screening, indieWIRE approached Parker Posey while she was waiting for
her car and invited her to our party on Wednesday, the 21st. Unfortunately, it
looks as if "the ubiquitous one" is leaving before the bash. "Stay, Parker!", we
pleaded. "You'll love El Vez!" Well, no, Buzz wouldn't demean ourselves by
begging in the street outside a high school...and besides, it was cold. We gave
her the tix, anyway.