Park City 98: indieBUZZ ++ January 17, 1998

by indieWIRE

Michael Steinberg’s new film “Wicked” has been picked up, according to a source
close to the film, an announcement is expected next week. The source told BUZZ
that the acquiring company is a brand new distribution entity with at least one
of the principles being a "household name". The film is a movie which the
Sundance Film Guide describes as "a suburban horror story or family thriller."

* * * * *

A source close to the film reports that “Out of the Past”, Jeff Dupre’s Utah-set
documentary revolving around 17 year-old Kelli Peterson as she attempts to
establish a Gay-Straight Alliance at her Salt Lake City high school, is "in
play." A distributor that has had success with non-fiction films in the past
is rumored to have expressed interest.

* * * * *

Buzz was ready to party on Friday, as we finally had a few minutes to ourselves
this evening, to prepare. The day's work was done, so we retired to the jacuzzi
with a Cutty Sark and soda and a sampling of Blue Dot Thai. About 30 minutes
later, we climbed the stairs, showered and put on our spiffy duds. The first
Friday evening, Main St. Park City played host to three big bashes. It was on to
event number one. The party for "Orgazmo" was not as wacky as one would think,
given the film and the filmmakers. Several wacky and non-wacky folks of note
attended, including "Buffalo 66" helmer and star, Vincent Gallo, Jonathan Sehring
and Caroline Kaplan of the IFC, director/producer RJ Cutler and IMAGE honcho Anne
Hubbell. Buzz assumes that filmmakers Trey Parker and Matt Stone attended, but
we didn't see them.

The Riverhorse Cafe celebration for the premiere of Tom DiCillo's "The Real
" was a celeb-studded bash that welcomed, among others: Harvey Weinstein,
Gwyneth Paltrow and Ben Affleck, Lawrence Bender, David Arquette, Phil Donahue
and Marlo Thomas, and stars Matthew Modine, Catherine Keener, Daryl Hannah, and
Elizabeth Berkely, who was talking about learning Russian phonetically for a new
movie. The event was the hottest ticket of the night and saw droves of celebs
cramming the balcony overlooking the growing crowd of would-be attendees below.

Up the street at the opening night of Slamdance, a big crowd jammed the basement
the old Mrs. Fields Cookie Factory (site for last years Slumdance) for a
techo-bash featuring Moby. The crowd sweated and swayed to the pulsating beats.
Near the end of the show, Moby surveyed the crowd on its favorite film of the
year -- his was "Starship Toopers." Commenting on the movie, he proclaimed,
"giant bugs, fascism and outer space -- what could be better!" The bash
admirably captured the Spirit of The Slum of '97, and the good feelings
abounded, with many folks, including Peter Byck ("Garbage"), noted attorney
Jed Alpert, Next Wave's Tara Veneruso, and of course, Buzz, hanging out until
the late hours.

* * * * *

Overheard by BUZZ on the way home from the opening night party: “Now that’s a
portent of the apocalypse.”...”What?”...”A stretch limo in Park City.” Has
Sundance become the “Mountain Cannes?” “Cannes With American Cheese Cubes?”

See you tomorrow, campers!