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by Eugene Hernandez, Maud Kersnowski, and Brian Brooks/indieWIRE

>> Controversial Doc Subject Speaks Out

(indieWIRE/01.22.01) -- Nobody seemed to notice that the dark haired woman
slipping out of the Sundance press screening for "Raw Deal" was the
documentary's subject, Lisa Gier King. "Raw Deal: A Question of Consent," directed by Billy Corben, is built around highly publicized and controversial footage -- shot by fraternity brothers -- of sex between King and a house member. King maintains it was rape, and the men maintain it was consensual. Gainesville, Florida turned into a battleground for politics, feminism and the press. The film includes excerpts of this explicit and, by some accounts, ambiguous video.

Why a woman who spent over a year defending herself in the press
and in court (King was eventually charged with filing a false report of rape) would
choose to see the film for the first time at a high-profile festival may mystify many. But King arrived without realizing that she was attending a national media event. "I had no idea what Sundance was," King told indieWIRE during an exclusive conversation yesterday.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Charges against King of filing a false police report were later dropped.]

Even at the height of the controversy, King knew that someday somebody would tell
this story either in book form or on film. "All the reactions in Gainesville
were biased because they either knew me or the frat guys or somebody
involved," King says. "I used to daydream about what it would be like to sit
quietly in a roomful of strangers and see what their reactions were."

King protests that she "doesn't care what people think," but both she and her
mother appeared relieved and vindicated by the film which they saw as
clearly portraying a rape. "There will never be any justice," said her mother Cendra Gier, who saw the video footage for first time at the Saturday screening.

"I don't think these guys [producer Alfred Spellman and director Corben]
cared about me