Phaedra Cinema Opens Shop With Films By Shelley And Abramson

Newly-formed independent domestic theatrical distributor and production company Phaedra Cinema has announced that its first release will be Adrienne Shelly's "Sudden Manhattan", which will premiere in New York this coming March. "Sudden Manhattan", which was produced by Homegrown Pictures' Marcia Kirkley, stars Shelly as a writer chased all over the island of Manhattan by an assortment of strange people. Soon following on Phaedra's slate is Neil Abramson's feature debut "Without Air", about a stripper/singer living in Memphis. The
Sundance Channel has acquired the television rights to "Sudden Manhattan",
"Without Air", and two other Phaedra releases, "Dogs: The Rise And Fall Of
An All-Girl Bookie Joint
" and "The Next Step".

Later in the year, Phaedra Cinema will be releasing "The Rook", a murder
mystery starring National Society of Film Critics Best Supporting Actor
winner Martin Donovan, and "No Ordinary Love", the first release from
Amazing Movies' new division, Picture This! Entertainment. Each film will be distributed to major cities. On Phaedra's production slate is the
U.S.-Hong Kong co-production "Actress".

Gregory Hatanaka, the founder of Phaedra Cinema, recently resigned as
CEO of Filmopolis Pictures. He has distributed such films as "City Unplugged" and John Woo's "The Killer".