TIFF 2013 Composite

Indiewire has covered the Toronto Film Festival for nearly two decades, but TIFF 2013 was a first for us: We teamed with Movies on Demand and photographer Daniel Bergeron to create original portraits and video interviews from some of the festival's best actors, filmmakers and other luminaries. 

It was the first time, but it definitely won't be the last; this team is planning to do more photos and videos in the months ahead. You'll see the results throughout the upcoming awards season, but for now we wanted to wrap up our TIFF 2013 coverage with a gallery in which directors and actors discuss advice for aspiring filmmakers and actors.

Thanks, TIFF, for another great year. And now, here's Ron Howard, Chris Hemsworth, Dakota Fanning, Amma Asante, Scarlett Johansson and many more. 

Denis Villeneuve
Daniel Bergeron Denis Villeneuve

Denis Villeneuve, Director, "Enemy" and "Prisoners" 

"Go home and work. I don't believe in the film festival tour. Myself, I believe that when you go to a film festival it's when you have to show something. I'm a super-bad businessman. My advice is cinema is something you do, it's not something you talk about. I;m a filmmaker. You need to do things. You need to go in your basement, write a screenplay and shoot it. Nowadays, the new generation is so lucky. When I was young, you needed to invest thousands of dollars to buy 16mm film. You ruined yourself before you could shoot a movie. Today you can shoot a movie with $20. It's like, shoot. Don't talk." 

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