Jesse Eisenberg
Daniel Bergeron Jesse Eisenberg

Jesse Eisenberg, Actor, "Night Moves"

Jesse: The only advice I can think of that would be valuable for actors or people who want to be actors is pursue it only if you want to do it in any capacity. If you want to do it because you want to be in a movie that you liked, it will likely never happen. But if you've done it in a modest capacity and you really like it, then you should pursue it because that means you like it for the right reasons and that will probably lead to being able to do it. My favorite thing to do as an actor is to do a reading of a new play with no one watching. There's no consequence and you really can indulge in the experience of the performance. What that tells me is I like doing it in any capacity and will enjoy it for the right reasons. If people want to be an actor because they saw a movie and they want to be in that thing, that's an impossible thing to achieve. 

Dakota Fanning
Daniel Bergeron Dakota Fanning
Dakota Fanning, Actor, "Night Moves" 

Dakota: Why I do what I do is just for the experience of making the movie and all of the other stuff is just a fun bonus. At the end of the day what I take away is the experience of making it and that's what drives me to the next thing. 

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