Although the Cannes Film Festival may be the most-documented film event in the world, it's a tough one to capture. Red-carpet mayhem at the Palais is real, but it doesn't occupy that much real estate. Most of the French commune is occupied with people who are trying to get close to said glamour. 

Much of the weirdness stems from the Cannes market, which sells thousands of titles that would never have any hope of getting into the festival, and the tourists who come to Cannes to look at the celebrities -- or, more likely, look at the people who are looking at the celebrities. 

So: Here's a photographic Cannes primer, which provides something of a core sample of what you really might expect to see on the Croisette. 

Sometimes titles fail to translate. 

French Walk of Shame

Others seem designed to baffle.

God Hates Caviar

And then there's a few that are a perfect match for their subject. 

Backstreet Boy movie

Cannes is where children frolic under the watchful eyes of Marilyn Monroe...

Cannes merry go round

Parents send their kids to pose with hot chicks in Lycra...


and turn a two-year-old into Cameron Diaz.

Charlie's Angels Cannes

Where a silvered man meditates for spare change...

Silver Man Cannes

plays Frank Sinatra on an accordion 

Cannes Accordion

and people believe in the kindness of strangers. 

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