Because everything today needs to have some sort of connection to the Emmys, Pornhub (the web site devoted to, well, you know) has released a series of posters that celebrate its potential picks in the key categories of Best Comedy Series and Best Drama series. We offer them up below, for your enjoyment, in ascending order of quality. 

"The Big Bang Theory"

Gang Bang Theory

Easily the laziest of the bunch, both in terms of concept and presentation. They couldn't even bother to doll the ladies up like fake nerds? For shame. 

"Orange is the New Black"

Bondage is the New Black

Not bad. The only real problem is that save the cheap Halloween costumes and under-cleveage, this is pretty much identical to Netflix's actual advertising campaign. 

"Mad Men"

Fap Men

Elegantly executed, though lacks a certain titillation factor.

"House of Cards"

House of Hards

There are two versions of this poster, but we went with this edition because it's the only one of the lot that chooses to objectify men instead of women, and also the actor bears a striking resemblance to another Emmy nominee, Aaron Paul. Congratulations, "House of Hards." Your sister show may not win tonight, but you've won in our hearts.