Film financier and producer David Bergstein announced today a deal to acquire ThinkFilm, the five year old Toronto and New York based film distributor. Bergstein also recently acquired Capitol Films, the leading European production, financing, and sales company. A statement issued today said, "The combination of these two highly regarded entities creates a worldwide distribution apparatus and furthers the growth aspirations of both entities." In a statement, company president and CEO Jeff Sackman said, "We look forward to a bright and successful future. Today's transaction will enable THINKFilm to expand even further and faster, giving us extended resources and opportunities to pursue the films we are known for and beyond. Most importantly, we are extremely proud of our accomplishments at THINKFilm. Five years ago, we started from scratch, and with hard work, dedicated employees, and a forward-thinking vision, we built up a sizeable distribution company that continues to deliver quality independent films throughout North America." Bergstein's producing credits include "The Wendell Baker Story" and "Laws of Attraction"; the deal was brokered by Hollywood talent agency CAA. [Eugene Hernandez]