Red Umbrella Diaries

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"Red Umbrella Diaries"

Tweetable Logline: 

Seven sex workers tell their stories on stage in NYC and struggle with what it means to be out about their highly stigmatized jobs

Elevator Pitch:

The Red Umbrella Diaries is a feature-length documentary film about seven LGBTQ sex worker storytellers as they prepare for the biggest performance of their lives, a night at Joe’s Pub in NYC. The performers -two strippers, two rentboys, two escorts, and a body rub worker - will tell true stories about their jobs, relationships, traumas, and triumphs. Our film is an intimate portrait of seven sex workers as they tell their stories and make sense of what it means to be public about an identity that most people regard with shame and scorn.

Production Team:

Executive Producer - Audacia Ray (Executive Director of Red Umbrella Project, director/producer of The Bi Apple, 2007)
Director - David Kornfield (seven-time Emmy Award winner, produced/directed shows for The Travel Channel, Food Network, MTV, Fuse, ESPN, NFL Players, Atlantic Records, Microsoft, the NCAA, and MSG Network)
Editor/Producer - Chris Fiore (International Monitor Award for Best Editing in a Documentary for Choices, Lawrence Fishburn’s study of the American prison system; edited John Henrik Clark: A Great and Mighty Walk, which was nominated for the Sundance Grand Jury award and won the Urbanworld Jury Award)
Director of Photography Robert Hobson (Bravo, Travel Channel, Food Network, Discovery Channel)

About the Production:

"I did sex work throughout my twenties, and started telling stories about my experiences to make sense of the weird stuff I had been through, and to try to connect with other people in the sex trades. In 2009 I began producing a monthly sex worker storytelling series in a tiny bar, and it has become a hub for our community. We tell these stories for each other, mostly - but its time the world hears more about what we have to say about our lives." -- Audacia Ray

Current Status:

In production.

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