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"The Taker"
Tweetable Logline:
Curtis is a high schooler who just landed a job working for the Census- during the spread of a life threatening chemical across the country.
Elevator Pitch:

The Taker is a science fiction short film about a teenager working for the U.S. Census as a summer job. However, he happens to be doing so during the spread of an asbestos-like contaminant across the country. The U.S. Government is using the Census Bureau to assess the "status" of various areas, and determine where the chemical is spreading to.

It becomes Curtis' responsibility to condemn these households as contaminated and summon aggressive HAZMAT teams to purge the home and haul the residents off into quarantined areas. However, Curtis encounters a household that causes him to second guess his responsibilities.


Production Team:

Writer/Director - Maximillian Stenstrom
Producer - Jordan Fein
Editor - Kelly Simpson ("The uneXplained" on Bio/ A&E)
Cinematographer - Jake Saner

About the Production:

"When I was 19, I spent a summer working for the U.S. Census. While there certainly wasn't any life threatening chemicals involved in my time doing Census work, it was an experience that marked me regardless. Not to mention that the money I was able to save ended up paying for my first short film!

"Now on my way out of NYU's film program, I feel that it is the opportune moment to look back and re-contextualize that experience. This movie is ultimately about growing up, and accepting responsibility for your actions. Sometimes, even the right actions have destructive consequences." -- Maximillian Stenstrom

Current Status:

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