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Tweetable Logline:

A short fiction drama about a middle-aged Dutch woman who secretly helps illegal immigrants in Turkey - until her long-gone son shows up.
Elevator Pitch:
SOUTHWEST is about our world and the choices we make. It is a story about Leslie, a middle-aged Dutch woman who secretly helps illegal immigrants from Africa and the Middle-East to get into the Europe from Turkey. Until one day her son, who she hasn't seen in years, shows up. He tells her she has a family waiting for her back in the Netherlands, a family that really needs her. Leslie has to choose between the people she believes need her help to find a better life, and the people who love her and can no longer live without her.
Production Team:

Director: Jordi Wijnalda
Producer: Brian Love
Executive Producer: Ali Betil
Director of Photography: John Wakayama Carey
Cast: Carine Crutzen and Matthijs van de Sande Bakhuyzen

About the Production:

"In many ways, SOUTHWEST is about love, and about what happens when people try to take on things that are so much bigger than them. With this film, we want to explore the difficulties of sharing your world with people whose lives are so different than yours, and who come from such wildly different places in life. What is your responsibility towards others? What can you do for others? Why do you make the choices you make, and how do they effect those around you? We are all in this together.

"An American-Turkish-Dutch co-production, and Columbia University thesis film." -- Jordi Wijnalda

Current Status:
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Southwest Pitch from Brian Love on Vimeo.

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