From Queens To Cairo

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"From Queens To Cairo"

Tweetable Logline:

An Egyptian American takes his family to Cairo one year after the Egyptian Revolution.

Elevator Pitch:

This film is about an Egyptian American activist and filmmaker who takes his family back to Cairo one year after the Egyptian Revolution started. Unable to leave his life behind in NY to go join the revolution, he is determined not to miss the anniversary. When he arrives, the change is not necessarily what he expected. He travels around town to better understand the challenges the country faces as it tries to build itself as a modern democracy. His journey takes him from the heart of Tahrir Square to the slums of Cairo, he talks to activists and cab drivers.


Production Team:

Director/Producer: Sherif Sadek
Editor: Dan Hacker
Associate Producer: Dina Emam

About the Production:

"This film is quite personal to me, as I had been longing for change in Egypt for many years. When the revolution started in January 2011, the frustration of not being able to join in was unbearable. A year later, when my kids were a bit older, I decided that I cannot miss the 1st anniversary. I was expecting really positive change after the revolution, hoping that it will usher in a modern democratic state, but as the film shows, the transition from decades-old military dictatorship to liberal democracy cannot and will not happen overnight." --  Sherif Sadek

Current Status:

We're in the fundraising stage of the post-production. We need to fix the colors and the sound, as well as reach out to more festivals.

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