"Up Country"
"Up Country"

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"Up Country"

Tweetable Logline:

A film about a fishing trip gone horribly wrong.

Elevator Pitch:

A couple of friends hire a guide to take them on a fishing trip in a remote part of northern Maine--a place so remote they don't bother to name the towns. But, when the guide takes all their gear, they find themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Production Team:

Writer/Director: Lucas McNelly
Cinematography by: Dustin Pearlman ("Who Shot Mamba?")
Produced by: Sean Hackett ("Homecoming"), Lucas McNelly, David Young
Cast: Kieran Roberts, Jonny Mars ("Wuss," "The Happy Poet"), Tyler Peck

About the film:

"UP COUNTRY is a film born out of necessity, made on a shoestring by leveraging available resources. I had access to the woods around my family's hunting camp in northern Maine (and the surrounding woods), so I decided to build a film around that. We flew people in from around the country and shot a feature in 7 days in the middle of nowhere. The result is a character drama anchored by some fantastic performances and beautiful cinematography, all shot with nothing more than some bounce boards in the middle of the woods." -- Lucas McNelly

Current status:


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