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"How to Make It to the Promised Land"

Tweetable Logline:

Summer camp gets really strange for 15-year-old Lizzie when she is forced to play a Holocaust role-play game.

Elevator Pitch:

In HOW TO MAKE IT TO THE PROMISED LAND, summer camp gets really disturbing for 15-year-old Lizzie when she is forced to play a Holocaust role-play game.

Think Hunger Games or Lord of the Flies at Jewish camp.

THE FILM EXPLORES IMPORTANT QUESTIONS: How do we teach this terrible historical legacy, or other unfathomable historical events, to the next generation? With the last generation of Holocaust survivors nearing the end of their lives, how should we remember the Holocaust? And if you were Lizzie and had to play this game, WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

Production Team:

Writer/Director - Sam Zalutsky (You Belong to Me)
Producer - Alexandra Barreto (F the Parents, Too Late)
Editor - Jacob Chase (The Four-Face Liar)
Cinematographer - Mike Testin
Sound Designer - David Briggs (3 Backyards, Diminished Capacity, Teeth)
Casting Director - Angela Demo (Two Night Stand, Electric Slide)
Composer - John Turner

About the Production:

When I was a camper, the plight of Soviet Refusniks (Soviet Jews denied the right to emigrate) was a HUGE issue for Jews in North America. One night, the campers met for evening activity. Suddenly the lights cut out and a counselor declared that all campers were “Soviet Refusniks” who had to escape the “KGB” (the counselors) to get to America. I can’t remember what happened but I've heard of people who had to play similar “games” about the Holocaust, Soviet Jewry, even the KKK. And when I heard Umansky’s short story, I knew I had to make a film. -- Sam Zalutsky

Current Status:


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