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January 8, 2013 9:38 AM
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Project of the Day: A Hometown Reunion for a Best Friend's Wedding Disappoints in 'Ripe'

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Tweetable Logline:
It's a hometown reunion for 18-year-old Lee's wedding and her BFF Jean isn't exactly hiding her disappointment.
Elevator Pitch:
Five girls return to their hometown after their freshman year of college to throw a wedding for 18-year-old Lee, and find that their relationships with romantic flings and controlling parents haven’t changed all that much. Jean, Lee’s bohemian maid of honor, can’t believe that her best friend, a UN-bound high school valedictorian with world-changing aspirations, is now a willing a teenage bride. Lee’s enthusiasm and Jean’s misgivings about the fast-approaching nuptials test the limits of their friendship as the two stumble towards adulthood.
Production Team:

Director: Laura Somers
Writers/Producers/Cast: Karin Lee & Lauren Fitzgerald
Producer/Editor: Jhennifer Webberley
Cinematographer: Jean Kim

About the Production:
"Ripe is the first film and creative lovechild of longtime best friends Karin Lee and Lauren Fitzgerald. Together, they wrote, produced, and starred in a story inspired by their experiences growing up in a small farm town in California’s Central Valley, exploring the pressure women face during the transition from childhood to young adulthood. Finding a balance between love, school, and, eventually, a career is tough—especially when your friends and family have their own opinions of what you should do." -- Laura Somers
Current Status:
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    Super interesting. This is great work!

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    Great. I suggested to all my friends. I will look forward to other projects. Trust me, I am very selective on present movies.