Meat and Potatoes

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"Meat and Potatoes"

Tweetable Logline:

A chef in a small town is tasked with cooking the last meal for a prisoner on death row, but realizes he's making more than just a meal.

Elevator Pitch:

The film is about Charlie, a chef who cooks the last meal for a death row inmate. But when Charlie meets the prisoner, his ideas about justice are called into question. He finds that giving the pleasure of someone's last meal is more complicated than it seems. It stars Kevin Chamberlin, a three-time Tony Award Nominee who currently plays Bertram on Disney Channel's hit TV show, "Jessie."


Production Team:

Co-producers & Co-writers: Andria Chamberlin & Michael Kofsky
Director: Michael Kofsky
Director of Photography: Andria Chamberlin

Charlie - Kevin Chamberlin (Disney Channel's Jessie, Die Hard with a Vengeance, Road to Perdition, Lucky Number Slevin)

About the Production:

"Just this year, California voters voted against ending the death penalty. We were wondering if the voters really thought about what they were voting for, so we set out to make a film that starts the conversation. Our main character is Charlie, a chef, not a prisoner. Like most of the film's viewers, Charlie hasn't spent much time thinking about capital punishment, but that all changes when he begins cooking Lawrence's last meal. This simple plate of meat and potatoes is in many ways unremarkable, but it comes to mean so much for Charlie and Lawrence." -- Mike Kofsky

Current Status:


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