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Tweetable Logline:
A madame of a sex-trafficked brothel struggles with her guilt, which is heightened after her daughter becomes smitten with a sex slave.
Elevator Pitch:
A charged tale based on love, sacrifice and morality, "Insatiable" depicts the depraved, inhumane world of sex trafficking, through the eyes of a Madame in a San Francisco brothel. The Madame's daughter falls in love with a sex slave and it's through the daughter's love, the madame sees the slave as a human being. This new perspective motivates the madame to come up with a redeeming scheme to help the girls.
Production Team:

Director/Co-Writer: Jackee Chang
Associate Producer/Co-Writer: Rhoda Jordan
Cinematographer: Eun-ah Lee

About the Production:

"Sex-trafficking is our generation's epidemic. We created a rapid world off-setting society's balance and to sustain this growth, we reverted to a practice we never truly gave up. To tell a good story, one with social impact and on the medium I love, that's my trifecta." -- Jackee Chang
Current Status:
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