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"Make It Rain"

Tweetable Logline:

A young boy's efforts to help his family overcome the effects of a devastating drought result in a magical night he won't soon forget.

Elevator Pitch:

A young boy who lives, eats, and sleeps basketball overhears his family arguing about money. They live on a farm and there's a drought: not good. To take his mind off of things, the boy turns on the local college team and catches a glimpse of his favorite player, nicknamed "The Rainmaker." When the announcer comments that the nickname came from the player's ability to "make it rain from the outside", the young boy becomes convinced that with a little practice (and some movie magic thrown in for good measure), he too can "Make It Rain".


Production Team:

Writer/Director - Chris Spisak
Producer - Erin Howell
Executive Producer - Dwayne Washington
Cinematographer/Editor - Chase Rees

About the Production:

"I'm currently employed as an 8th grade math teacher at a middle school just outside of Houston, Texas. I know, I know...but while my career in education pays the bills, I spend every free moment I have (when I'm not dodging spitballs or unjamming lockers in between classes) working on independent film and video projects. I wrote this short film several years ago as a nod to the films of my youth that made me believe in the "magic of movies". It's a departure from what I normally do, but that's the point. I'm excited to try something new!" - Chris Spisak

Current Status:


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