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"Don't Look: A New Horror Film"

Tweetable Logline:
A group of NYC friends are in for a terrifying Thanksgiving in "Don't Look", a new horror film that pays tribute to horror film genre.
Elevator Pitch:

Five friends who live in NYC head-out for the perfect Thanksgiving Holiday in Dutch Pennsylvania, when an unknown intruder turn their celebration into a bloody mess. That is the story of "Don't Look" (working title), a new horror film by Enuff Productions, a collective of NYC and Los Angeles-based independent artists. The story builds on a series of real-life incidents, weaved in the tradition of Hollywood's classic films, with all the elements that horror fans love: chainsaw, knives, chasing - and the audience has to figure out who the killer is. Horror fans are in for a treat.

Production Team:

Luciana Faulhaber, Executive Producer
Javier E. Gomez, Executive Producer
Adam Lim, Executive Producer
Lindsay DiFulvio, Producer
Screenplay by Jassica Boucher Dias

About the Production:

"'Don't Look' comes from the initiative of Executive Producers Luciana Faulhaber, Javier E. Gomez, and Adam Lim, who decided to take it upon themselves to create an independent film production company, Enuff Productions, committed to showcasing the work of emerging artists from the East and West coasts. The project embodies the collaborative spirit and team effort that characterizes modern independent filmmaking. Every participant contributes his/her expertise, and resources, in a production that is being throughly planned and executed from all angles, including artistic, marketing, and development. Kickstarter is going well, and the partnership is a model for other young artists." -- Javier E. Gomez

Current Status:

In production
For more information and to support this project:

Production Company Website
Kickstarter Page

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