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Tweetable Logline:

An elderly couple, cryonically preserved at death, awaken in a distant future to face future shock and identity crises.

Elevator Pitch:

NEW tells the story of an elderly couple who choose to be cryonically preserved (chilled to sub-zero temperature) at the time of their deaths. They awaken in a distant future, their health totally restored. They struggle to understand the society they're living in, one that treats them as curious relics. While they contend with future shock, they are also gripped by identity crises: with brand-new bodies that are 20 years old, they must decide what to do with the second lives they've been given.

Production Team:

Writer/Director John Harden
John's work has aired nationwide on PBS and screened at top-tier festivals around the world. He's received cash artist awards from the Marin and Sonoma County Arts Councils, and his films & screenplays have won top prizes at the Austin Film Festival, Los Angeles Film Festival and many more.

Producer Don R. Lewis
Don's producer credits include feature films HOLY GHOST PEOPLE (which screened to sold-out crowds at this years South by Southwest Film Festival) and THE VIOLENT KIND, which screened at the Sundance Film Festival in 2010. He is also a documentary filmmaker, and writes about film for

About the Production:

"Imagine technology changes the rules of mortality, restoring youth and re-defining death. In NEW, this comes to pass. It poses challenges for our main characters.

"In writing NEW, I feel I've hit a sweet spot between the visionary science fiction that fired my imagination as a kid, and the character-driven storytelling that makes sense to me now. I'm thrilled to be making this film and feel it will be unlike anything I've done before.

"NEW, the short, will run roughly 12 minutes. It will stand alone, but also serve as proof-of-concept for the feature film I'm currently writing." -- John Harden

Current Status:


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"NEW" - the movie from John Harden on Vimeo.

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