Without You

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"Without You"

Tweetable Logline:

A Mother-to-be fights for her husband's life after he receives fatal prognosis.

Elevator Pitch:

Without You is a USC graduate thesis film about family, acceptance, and the fear of being alone. After her husband receives a fatal prognosis, a pregnant Samantha Jackson is determined to fight for her husband's life. That's why she has left his bedside, to plead with the board at St. Jude’s Hospital to put her husband at the top of the donor list for a new set of lungs. Will she convince them or will she have to return and find a way to cope with her inevitable loss? This is the story of Without You.


Production Team:

Adam Tyree (Director/Producer): Director of "Bobby's Girl": Winner Best Drama at First Glance Film Festival which also went to 7 other film festivals. Also a recipient of a grant from the Princess Grace Foundation in NYC

Burt Brooks (Producer): Writer/Producer for "Bobby's Girl": Winner Best Drama at First Glance Film Festival which also went to 7 other film festivals. Director/Producer of Full Circle Stage Show in NJ which received a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Tim Smith (Producer): USC Advanced project "Ordained"

Tarik Jackson (Associate Producer): Muller Family Scholarship Award.

Braden R. Duemmler (Writer): Shoots viral videos for Snoop Dogg. Dugan Folley Award winner.

Jonathan Pope (Director of Photography): cinematography work on: "Bite Night" webseries premiering at SXSW, "Dembanger" Finalist in Vimeo's 2012 Spoof Horror Film Competition Winner Best Horror Short at 2013 Independent Filmmakers Showcase. Winner 2012 Thomas B. Bush Memorial Scholarship for Cinematography

Ciaran Michael Vejby (editor): Winner Press Democrat Award and MMPA Scholarship

About the Production:

"Upon reviewing multiple scripts for this thesis film, we were always returning to Without You. Not only is it an amazing script and a touching story, but we started to realize that this was a film that could really make a difference in people's lives. After doing the research into lung cancer, its effects, and the staggering statistics surrounding this terrible disease, we realized that this film could be a whole lot more than just another movie. We want this film to be used to raise lung cancer awareness and eventually raise funds for lung cancer research." -- Ronald Brooks

Current Status:


For more information and to support this projprect:

IndieGoGo Page
Film Website

WY Promo Interview from Adam Tyree on Vimeo.

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