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"Black Is Blue"

Tweetable Logline:

A Black transman security guard struggles with his identity after meeting an ex-lover from his past.

Elevator Pitch:

BLACK, a 30 something black FTM, on his way to his shift as a security guard at an posh condo, sees several Black Butches pull up in front of the building unloading supplies and all the hot babes that go with them. On closer inspection he notices that one of the cuties is DEJA the lover he dumped before his transition. Confused by the sighting he becomes paranoid and wonders if Deja has come to out him. When a neighbor complains to Black about the noise from the party, he comes face to face with Deja and more importantly himself.

Production Team:

Anya de Montigny--Producer and Casting Director
Yvie Raj--Producer, 1st AD
Cheryl Dunye--Writer, Director, Producer (THE WATERMELON WOMAN, STRANGER INSIDE, THE OWLS)
Kevin Lawrence--Director of Photography
Kingston Farady--Black
Lisa Evan--Deja

About the Production:

"I've embarked on a project about folks in the margins of the queer community. From noticing them, to speaking with many who feel their stories need to be told, I became aware of real the invisibility of Black Transmen. Their stories resonate with me as I too feel invisible. It became evident that I had to tell a truth about this community. The script poured out of me. We cast the movie and the next thing I knew I was in production. It was a volunteered team effort of people who gave energy to make this story come to life." -- Cheryl Dunye

Current Status:

In production.

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