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Tweetable Logline: Citizens* examines the conflicts that arise between illegal immigration and the burgeoning awareness of a global citizenship.

Elevator Pitch: Our televisions and radios clamor that undocumented immigrants are taking up the nation’s resources and at the same time outcry they are inhumanely forced to die in the desert. We interview the very people at the center of this controversy – the undocumented immigrant that we go to school, shop, and work with; the law enforcement on the border entrenched in a battle with violence, drugs, and human trafficking; and the experts who report to our national leaders and work with the undocumented individuals. The film Citizens* dignifies the undocumented immigrant while maintaining the realities of illegal immigration.

Production Team:
Director/Cinematographer: Jacob A Tapia
Writer/Producer: Jennifer Y Tapia
Executive Producer: Jack Fowler
Production Company: Handrawn Pictures
Non-Profit Fiscal Sponsor: From the Heart Productions, Inc.

About the Production: As filmmakers who grew up around undocumented immigrants, the media reports seemed inaccurately definitive and biased. We sought to find information and personal experiences from people who did not have a political agenda. Citizens* encourages empathy and the exploration of knowledgeable solutions. What started as a curiosity has ballooned into a 4+ year project of research, interviews, and production.

Citizens* specifically speaks to those searching for a lasting solution to illegal immigration that benefits all people involved.

Current Status: Fundraising / Post Production

For more information and to support this project: Indiegogo Page

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