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"Coming Out"

Tweetable Logline:

COMING OUT provides an intimate and personal look at coming out of the closet in the digital era.

Elevator Pitch:

Shocked by youth suicides in the fall of 2010, filmmaker Alden Peters decided to come out of the closet to his friends, family, and online acquaintances on camera. With the cameras rolling, he reveals his closest-guarded secret for the first time, with dramatic and humorous consequences. After the initial disclosure, Alden searches for his place in the LGBTQ community and discovers the profound ways that the internet and digital world can provide safety, community, and support, but also allow for cyberbullying, discrimination, and invasions of privacy. What significance does the traditional "coming out story" have in the digital era?

Production Team:

Alden Peters (Producer/Director)
Brenda Lopez (Co-Director)
Patrick Murphy (Producer)
Alex Familian (Editor)
Megan Mancini (Editor)

About the Production:

"This project started as I was wondering how to come out to my friends and family. After watching countless coming out stories on YouTube, I became frustrated because I wanted to see what it was like, in the moment, to sit down a parent and let them know you’re gay. What is that like? What happens immediately afterward? Does is really just 'get better'? This is the film I wanted to see as a questioning teen, before I came out of the closet." - Alden Peters

Current Status:


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