Aaron Swartz

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"The Internet's Own Boy: Documentary of Aaron Swartz"

Tweetable Logline:
The story of internet pioneer and online activist Aaron Swartz
Elevator Pitch:

Currently titled “The Internet’s Own Boy," the new film by Brian Knappenberger, director of We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists follows internet activist and programming pioneer Aaron Swartz from his teenage emergence on the internet scene and involvement in RSS and Reddit, to his growing interest in political advocacy and the controversial actions he allegedly took in MIT's computer network. The film explores Aaron’s arrest, the prosecution’s tactics in bringing the case to trial, and the impact a seemingly small hacking gesture had on Aaron’s life and the possible future of information access on the internet.

Production Team:

Writer/Director Brian Knappenberger
Composer John Dragonetti

About the Production:

"Aaron's story is powerful and tragic. It's about innovation and wild possibility, but at the same time it's about loss and a broken criminal justice system. A lot has been written about him, some of it very good, but I felt that taken as a whole it represented a fractured picture. I wanted to hear from the people who knew him, explore each chapter of his life and go through his numerous video appearances to have him tell his own story as much as possible." -- Brian Knappenberger

Current Status:


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