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Tweetable Logline:
A girl comes to see her shrink in the middle of the night to confess the murder of her family. But in a good way.
Elevator Pitch:
LILY, 24, has had a very hard day. She goes to her therapist after hours for an emergency session to explain the deaths of her disowning father, her pill addict mother, her conscious-less sister and her perverted brother. Lily's therapist isn't home. Her teenage, judgmental, insensitive daughter is. When all she wants to do is confess, Lily finds herself in a battle with the therapist's daughter over the therapist's attention.
Production Team:

Writer / Director - Veronica Kedar (Israeli Film Academy Award Nominee)
Producer - Mosh Danon ("Ajami," best foreign film oscar nominee)

About the Production:
"There's no way to deal with a broken home, but laugh about it or write it as bloody as possible. This film has been my vision for years, and I just would like to get it out of my system already. This film puts us on the side of a girl who must kill her family to be free. The only way this young photgrapher can finally get the family picture she's been praying for, for years - is if she shoots them all dead first." -- Veronica Kedar

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