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Project of the Day: 'Florence'

By Indiewire | Indiewire August 27, 2014 at 12:38PM

Your daily look at an indie project in development.
Project of Day: 'Florence'
Project of Day: 'Florence'

Here's your daily dose of an indie film in progress -- at the end of the week, you'll have the chance to vote for your favorite.

In the meantime: Is this a movie you’d want to see? Tell us in the comments.Here's your daily dose of an indie film in progress -- at the end of the week, you'll have the chance to vote for your favorite.


Tweetable Logline: Florence is a socially removed teenager enraptured in her perception of life and thus misdiagnosed and prescribed psychotropic medication.

Elevator Pitch: "Florence" is a surreal perspective-based take on the overmedication of today's youth. The film follows Florence on her first day of being prescribed psychotropic medication through her sensory-rich perception of the world. Anything that Florence hears, we hear. Daily societal spaces such as school overwhelm Florence and she is frequently found removing herself as much as possible; becoming invisible as it were. This is the basis for her misdiagnosis. As the day goes on, Florence's world becomes a mess of sensations and emotions as she struggles to maintain equilibrium.

Production Team: 
Caleb b. Kuntz - Director / Writer / Editor
Yamel Thompson - Co-Writer
Kyle Seaquist - Co-Writer
Jim Hickcox - Cinematographer
Rui Silva - Sound Designer

About the film: Florence is a film derived from personal anecdotes throughout my lifetime of family, friends and myself being affected by medication. While I have my personal fear of one day becoming medicated, a large portion of this is taken from growing up with brothers being prescribed medication for ADHD and seeing how it affected them at a young age. The story is auditorially told through Florence's POV while the visuals change shape in accordance with her mental state from afar; the solace of the woods, the sterility of school. An already hyper-sensitive teenager finds herself pushed to new extremes.

Current Status: Crowdfunding on Indiegogo whilst in post-production.

For more information and to support this project: Indiegogo Page

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