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"Hackers in Uganda"

Tweetable Logline:

Humanitarian guerrilla technologists in Uganda are hacking and teaching for charity, and empowering people.

Elevator Pitch:

Rogue technologists known as Hackers for Charity set out with a mission, to bring technological access and education to the people of Uganda. Creating a computer-literate generation of Ugandans has the power to improve lives like never before, giving educational, occupational, social and medical resources to people who need it most.

The new documentary, Hackers in Uganda, will tell the story of this amazing group, their work, and a chance to help this Information Age Robin Hoods like never before. In the 21st Century, access to and knowledge of technology shouldn't be reserved for only the wealthy in the world.


Production Team:

Director/Producer/Cinematographer: Jeremy Zerechak (Code 2600, Land of Confusion)

Co-Producer/Production Coordinator: Rachel Mihuta Grimm
Music Composer/Sound Mixer: Joe Miller
Press/Fundraising: Noah Cline

About the Production:

"I first became familiar with Hackers for Charity while immersing myself into hacker culture during the filming of CODE 2600, my most recent feature-length documentary. Since then, I have maintained regular contact with the organization's founders, Johnny and Jen Long, and staff members Sam Kinch and Glenn Eccard for the past few months. HFC has committed their support to the project, offering access to their classes and operations, and assistance in Jinja, Uganda. The goal is to secure enough funding to best tell the story about theses amazing people and their work in Uganda." -Jeremy Zerechak

Current Status:


For more information and to support this project:

Kickstarter Page
Filmmaker Website

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