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Tweetable Logline:

Old memories and ghosts from the past resurface when a man reluctantly agrees to help his now-alcoholic childhood friend sober up.

Elevator Pitch:

Aaron, John and Dan were an inseparable trio. One day, a tragic accident results in Dan’s untimely death, driving a wedge between Aaron and John. John tries to move on with his life by working hard and starting a family. Aaron, unable to overcome his guilt, spirals into severe alcoholism. Years later, circumstances bring the two friends back together. After attempting suicide, Aaron calls John to ask for help. Over the course of a weekend, the boys – now men – battle to face the consequences of that fateful day, and confront memories of years ago.


Production Team:

Oren Soffer - Director
Craig Clayton - Writer
Marlee Roberts - Producer
Samuel Besser - Producer
Cory Fraiman-Lott - Director of Photography
Carlos Zozaya - Editor
Natalie Stowell - Production Designer
Dan Hasse - Assistant Director
Sean Kiely - Sound Designer
Eric Phillips - Composer

About the Production:

"In our adult lives we are surrounded by friends, colleagues, family and loved ones – but no friendships are as strong as they were when we were younger. Mastodon is about two such inseparable friends who grew apart as they got older. It is about how people deal differently with tragedy. But most importantly, it is a film about overcoming the past and learning to accept the losses we all must sometimes face. This is a story that is very personal to me, and I could not be more excited to share it with the world." -- Oren Soffer

Current Status:



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