Still from "JAYA"
Still from "JAYA"

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Tweetable Logline:  Everything changes for Jaya, a teenage girl in a Mumbai street gang, when she encounters a man who may be her long-lost father.

Elevator Pitch: JAYA is inspired by the true story of a teenage girl in a Mumbai street gang, who masquerades as a boy and makes a living as a thief, until the day she encounters a man who may be her long-lost father. This is a point of view never before seen on film.

Production Team:

Writer/Director: Puja Maewal
Producer: Sara Lohman
Editor: Fred Guerrier

About the Production: "In Mumbai, I came across this news story: police had arrested a notorious member of a Mumbai street gang. They assumed that they had caught a boy, but it was only later that they discovered she was a girl. A street orphan, she had joined a gang of boys in order to survive. I thought that this girl's story was so compelling that I wanted to make a film about it. Her search for her father made this unique portrait universally appealing, and I personally wanted to explore the arc of her coming to terms with her feelings of abandonment. We auditioned hundreds of teenagers from the streets and slums of Mumbai, and shot on the roads, in real locations, in order to keep the film authentic. We wanted to entertain viewers with an exciting, action-packed story, while also raising awareness of those living in less fortunate circumstances." - PujaMaewal

Current Status: Post-production.

For more information and to support this production:

Finishing Funds for JAYA on from Puja Maewal on Vimeo.

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