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"Weekend Warrior"

Tweetable Logline: 

Bobby Reddick decides to join the part-time army as a form of therapy.

Elevator Pitch:

Set on a non-existent Canadian military base, this film follows Bobby Reddick as he tries to adjust to life in the army, and the friction he encounters when his commanding officer discovers he's abusing the system for his own personal therapy.

Production Team:

WRITER/DIRECTOR/ACTOR - Lyndon Casey (Captain Coulier - Sundance)
PRODUCER - Shasha Nakhai (The Sugar Bowl, Joe)
CINEMATOGRAPHER - Rich Williamson (The Sugar Bowl, Where Does It Go From Here)
ACTOR - Dillon Casey (The Vow, Nikita, Vampire Diaries, Remedy, MVP, Captain Coulier)
ACTOR - Conor Casey (Mouthful - SXSW, Captain Coulier - Sundance)

About the Production:

"Weekend Warrior is a project I've been harvesting since my friend joined the Canadian Army Reserves in 2004. Although he is a trained soldier, he hasn't ventured overseas to fight and possibly never will. In the Canadian Reserves, it is your choice to fight, and so for him, the army has become a fun, decent-paying job on the weekends, that helps him pay for university. I was interested in exploring this concept: what function does the army serve if not to fight wars? More specifically, why does one enlist in the army with no intention of fighting?" Lyndon Casey

Current Status:

In production of the show's 27 episode season.

For more information and to support this project:

Indiegogo Page
Filmmakers' Website

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