There Will Be No Stay

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"There Will Be No Stay"

Tweetable Logline: 

There Will Be No Stay is a documentary about executioners, and the toll the act of taking another's life has on their own.

Elevator Pitch:

There Will Be No Stay is not a documentary about the death penalty in the traditional sense. It's about the actual men tasked by society with carrying out the death penalty. This is a first-hand look at executioners, the pressures they’re put under, and the unbearable toll the act of taking another’s life has on their own. It explores the intersecting lives of a team of executioners, several speaking publicly for the first time, on their paths to discovering freedom from their personal prisons. It is a journey of compassion and consequence through a process shrouded in secrecy.

Production Team:

Writer-Director-Producer: Patty Ann Dillon
Co-Producers: Peter Hall (Grow Up, Tony Phillips), Paul Gandersman (Grow Up, Tony Phillips), and Chevy Kozisek
Executive Producers: Ronald A. Morton Jr., John Jelinek
Editor: Nicholas Fackler (Still Lovely)
Cinematographer: Jeremy Osbern (Stan Herd: Man of the Land)

About the Production:

"It was devastating to discover there were men out there secretly suffering in silence for their part in a system the public doesn't know much about. Creating a platform for these men to share their stories became my mission and the driving force behind the film, and the more I learned, the deeper my dedication grew." -- Patty Dillon

Current Status:


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