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"Oh, Liza"

Tweetable Logline:

Watch Liza pull the emergency brake on her life and move back to suburbia with Mom and Dad.

Elevator Pitch:

OH, LIZA is a webseries about a girl who pulls the emergency brake on her life in hopes of moving back home with Mom and Dad. Arriving in suburban New Jersey, Liza discovers that her parents have rented her childhood bedroom to a stranger, a dude in his twenties, also trying to figure it out. Navigating this bizarre living situation, reconnecting with old friends while avoiding others and rethinking what it means to call yourself an adult are among the hazards of suburbia in this charmingly uncomfortable new series about the consequences of trying to press pause on your life.

Production Team:

Cat Coyne - Co-Creator, Writer, Producer
Kaitlin Schuster - Co-Creator, Writer, Producer, Star
Ellie Heyman - Director
Ryan Mitchel - D.P.
Kiri Oliver - Music Supervisor

About the Production:

"This webseries emerged from our shared experience as twenty-somethings trying to make it work in the big, bad city. We began to ask ourselves: What would it take for us to move home? Bedbugs? A bad breakup? Negative bank account balance? And what would be waiting for us when we got there? We imagine OH, LIZA to be a rallying point for anyone who has taken a circuitous path in their 20's, or perhaps at any point in their life. Liza's experience shows us that it's okay and sometimes even necessary to go back to page one." -- Cat Coyne

Current Status:


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