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Tweetable Logline: A genderqueer widow carries a child using her late wife's egg, creating a family that will forever link her to the love of her life.

Elevator Pitch: "Ma/ddy" features Skylar Murphy, a genderqueer butch who lost her wife, Katie, in an accident. Before her death, the couple had been trying to conceive using invitro fertilization. It is now a year after Katie's passing, and Skylar has made the decision to carry their child using one of Katie's fertilized eggs. Skylar works as a veterinarian at a rescue shelter in Los Angeles. At its core, "Ma/ddy" is a story about facing grief through enduring love and the obstacles Skylar must overcome to create the family she's always dreamed of. 

Production Team:

Devon Kirkpatrick (Writer/Director)
Moira Morel (Cinematographer) - The Punk Singer

About the Production: We are witnessing a radical change in American culture as ideas of family are being redefined personally and projected in the media. The queer community especially is at the heart of this idea of "alternative families" as legal support increases for gay adoptions and marriage equality state by state. Ma/ddy represents a current generation of the queer community contending with the unique challenges in creating a family and creating one that is authentic to them. These challenges aren't just within the larger context of mainstream society, but also in the nuanced ideas of gender and identity among fellow queers.

Current Status: Fundraising

For more information and to support this project: Indiegogo Page 

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