"Know How"
Juan Carlos Pineiro Escoriaza "Know How"

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"Know How"

Tweetable Logline:

A film about finding redemption in a broken system. Written and acted by NYC foster care youth. Based on their lives.

Elevator Pitch:

KNOW HOW is not a documentary nor is it fiction. It’s a new hybrid approach for using film to create social change. Instead of professional screenwriters and actors, these stories are written and performed by a cast of ordinary foster care youth, and their performances are powerful, moving, and eye-opening. KNOW HOW is a musical that brings authentic voices and unseen stories to the screen. It's a bit of a cross between The Wire and Glee, but not really. And it really aims at driving social change.

Production Team:

Director: Juan Carlos Piñeiro Escoriaza
Producers: Marcus A. Clarke & Paul G. Griffin

About the Production:

"I'm a filmmaker by trade and an activist at heart, have mentored at-risk youth, and am invested in social change. I took a leap of faith to make Know How because I believe in what we're doing. I remember meeting the youth I'd be working with and having no idea how close, invested, and personal it would all be. It was immersive storytelling to help transpose and transform their world into a film. Three years later we ended up with a foster care epic that is a little bit like “The Wire” meets “Glee”, but not really." -- Juan Carlos Piñeiro Escoriaza

Current Status:


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